My philosophy is based on timeless design, quality and comfort."

In every aspect of my work, I celebrate awareness and special moments as essential aspects of an authentic, vibrant life. For me, authenticity means being present, staying true to yourself and enjoying the pleasures of life.

A good design is always an authentic design!

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I believe in the interaction between people, nature and space. The feeling of soft textures on the skin, invigorating scents, the calming sight of the setting sun, the sound of silence, moments of reflection – these are things, that awaken positive feelings in us, that ground us and enliven our senses. 

Furnishings should therefore not be a purely functional and technical solution to a problem. An excellent Interior Design always enables a symbiosis that brings people and the environment into harmony.

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When starting a project, I always get a general impression of my clients’ wishes and the location first.  

I look around architecturally to see what is there, what I can be inspired by. On this basis, I decide what is worth preserving, where there are interesting visual axes and where there is potential for optimization. 

Every project is based on an ongoing conversation, I discuss my ideas and develop them further. I develop themes, I gather materials, explore details and test my clients‘ reaction to different combinations, as the ideas  develop and take shape.

I don’t just design spaces. My aim is to empower my clients to live in style. I teach my clients how to design wisely, how to work with color, materiality and proportion, and how to use light. I show them how to discover their creativity and where to find inspiration. I enable my clients  to develop their own style that expresses their individual personality.

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From the concept to the design. From planning to realization. From the purchase recommendation to the order. From home staging to floor planning. From consulting to construction supervision. Whether it’s the design of an office, hotel, a home, restaurant or store. You decide in which area and to what extent you need my support.

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Customer care in interior design is an intimate process and based on trust. Understanding a client’s wishes requires very private insights into daily routines, preferences and personality. I create their homes, their spaces. Their dreams and ideas go through my filter, my approach and my values. Before I accept a project, there is always a personal non-binding on-site meeting to get to know each other. If I am to represent my clients‘ ideas, my clients must feel that their values are in line with my attitude and vice versa. I believe that if the chemistry is right, great things can be achieved. Let’s meet! 

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For me, every Project starts with light and natural, vibrant materials."
A good design is always an authentic design."
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Here you will soon find valuable tips on interior design that will help you to shape your ideas and realizing your visions. You will also get detailed insights into my work process and my projects.

Stay tuned. 

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